FACT! Bad thing inside Windows Phone!


This post will make you reconsider before you buy windows phone, this article is based on my experience, i use windows phone (lumia series) from 2012, it means almost 3 years already 😉 but really, this phone is not as bad as you thought. i will tell the good things after this one. but now, i will tell you the bad things first! Check it out!




1. This phone is very HOT!

This is most annoying thing. its very easy to get hot! be careful if you are kind of people that love to go out and want to stay connected with others by internet, windows phone is not for you. seriously, cellular connection make this phone easy to get hot. almost all variant of lumia have this problem!

2. Always Restart

i don’t know why but, this phone is automatically restart when you put it inside of narrow place like ‘small’ pocket that hold the phone tight, and it will take much of your battery. This happened to me and all of my friends.

3. The Store is Heavy!

I mean heavy is not contained many apps inside. but, its hard to load it when you have slightly bad connection. this will be annoying when you need to install apps in low signal area.


This problem makes almost all windows phone user ANGRY! actually, you will have perfect camera when the first time. but after some system update the camera will get lower quality than before, this is the fact! and this make me very angry to microsoft. the bad thing? i think this is one of their strategy to make people with old devices, buy the new device that have a better camera. and when you buy it, the same thing will happen again and again!! -_____-‘


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