Story of Eid Al – Fitr

According to convinced Ahadith, these pious festivals were instigated in Madinah after migration. Anas reports that: When the Prophet Muhammad arrived at the city of Madinah, he found some people celebrating two explicit days in which people used to amuse and entertain by merriment and playing. Prophet Muhammad asked people regarding the nature of these sorts of celebrations and merriment at which people responded that these festivities were occasions of recreation and fun of days of jahilliyah. At this point, the Prophet Muhammad remarked that the Almighty God has set two days of holidays instead of these festivities for people, one is Eid-ul-Fitr and the other one is Eid-ul-Adha.

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FACT! Bad thing inside Windows Phone!


This post will make you reconsider before you buy windows phone, this article is based on my experience, i use windows phone (lumia series) from 2012, it means almost 3 years already 😉 but really, this phone is not as bad as you thought. i will tell the good things after this one. but now, i will tell you the bad things first! Check it out!




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